Have a Sync helps you to promote your music library and obtain specific licensing opportunities.
Once included in our database, your music will be categorised so that it is easier to find through our tag-based search system.
You can also decide whether to buy licenses online or to use our telephone negotiation service.
If you want to add your songs to our database and to publish them on our platform, please contact us through the online form. Contacts.

We offer:

  • Targeted visibility for your music so you can reach the right people in the sync licensing field.
  • A new search system, that enables music supervisors, directors, producers and advertisers to browse your music library.
  • The possibility to sell sync licensesonline or by phone with help from the Have a Sync team.
  • Real placement opportunities, thanks to our team’s expertise and a network of television and film productions, advertising agencies, and music consultants.
  • A transparent payment system.
  • You can access your account at any time of the day or night, allowing you to get information about your catalogue and check the status of sold licenses when you want.

We will check your request and we will contact you in 48 hours.
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